No, indeed, I do not want 'women to go back to their place' but I do want the deference toward women to cease and desist. They are equals, period. They are JUST as worthy as being CEOs or Presidents as males. But what is highly disturbing, shutterlight, is that I actually think that you are NOT exposing hatred for me but are being very sincere. This bothers me because I honestly think that what I have written here is fair and just. Am I missing something? What did I say or infer otherwise?

It would be an ADVANTAGE to have women entering the 'gadget' field. We need MORE to be interested in analog. I offer no denigration; god knows that I have suffered enough in life with daring to be born queer.

Women, I want you to become a part of us and cannot think of a rational reason why you should be left out. Cannot be more open or sincere than that. - David Lyga