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Personally, I make 32 oz working solution as I tone 11x14 as well. 1.5 oz SEL to 30 oz H2O. This keeps for quite a while.... so store it in a bottle and you are good to go.

Thats what I'm talking about.. So this works for you?


Yes, it does. I'm a bit confused as to why you are asking this question though. It's just a ratio and you need enough to immerse the print. Other than that, it's all what you want. I just tone until I get the look I want.

I tried 1:40 first. It was WAY too slow and changes so gradual, I didn't see it change. 1:20 seems to be a good compromise for general toning. If I really want a deep toning (which is rare), I use my 1:5 mix.