Well now, I feel like I came late to the party. So many comments to make (apologies for the rambling nature..still on my first cup of coffee).....!

First of all, I do teach analog photography at a communtiy college. And a class of 17 may have only 3 males.
To the comment about women not wanted to learn the technical or "hard" stuff--bullsh!t!! My (female) students come in WANTING to learn fstops, shutter speeds, the darkroom processes, etc. They know it is what is going to make them better, but no one has expained it to them properly. And since I am such a kickass teacher the majority are able to grasp those fundamentals and run with it.

I, too, am a female (in case you hadn't figured that one out) who loves gadgets and tools (grew up in a hardware store--tools were playtoys to me, and Dad taught me how to use them properly). But I don't have time to dither away learning about new tools unless they directly pertain to the work currently in the making (mom to 4 kids+teacher at 2 instututions=not enough hours in the day). I am a longtime regular at Apug but don't participate much because densitometer readings, minute differences in chemical formulas, etc do not interest me. And there seems to be a plethora of such threads. If that is your cup of tea, then have at it! What I really look for here are answers to a specific situation I may be encountering and the threads that deal with the MAKING (not taking) of images. Those threads are few and far between, but pure gold IMO.

I don't do camera shows, but I do attend photo shows..... there are easily and equal number of women and men being shown and in attendance. And there is an equal and fascinating exchange of ideas. Perhaps you should hang out at these instead, "my dear"..... I am sure there are a vast number of women who would run circles around you and give you new perspectives to consider.