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Is that from medium format as the square appears to be? It would take a pretty grainy film to show grain in that display resolution from medium format. Heck, I have Delta 3200 negatives, shot at 3200, that hardly show any in that size. Not saying you aren't right, just that it isn't going to mean much in viewing that image.

OK yes it's 6x7 from my Mamiya 7, I think a 2 or 4 second exposure. Shot @400 and developed @400 in DD-X scanned at 2400dpi exported with no sharpening, I haven't touched the image at all except a crop that can be 1:1 and wouldn't be re-sized by APUG limitations, in a section that was plain color to show the grain structure best. (except watermark which I'm paranoid and just had to do...)

Hope this is acceptable now that I'm at a computer I can do it.