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I also offer one huge reason why many believe women have little interest in learning the technical aspects - from an early age in school, girls are usually pushed towards the house stuff and boys are pushed towards the scientific and outside stuff. Studies have shown that this leads towards both sexes believing that girls don't understand the technical parts as well (just read an article yesterday, in fact). In school, boys are usually the ones who speak up, not the girls. Girls are taught to be quiet and listen. Boys are taught that being raucous is fine. Women who are used to being around groups of men can usually dish it out as well as take it, and will stand up for themselves (as we're seeing here). Just because you think women are shying away from the technical stuff by not posting relentlessly about it, doesn't mean we don't like the technical part. More women do need to be pushed towards science in school - any of you with girls had better be thinking about this, too. It takes overcoming a social bias, though. And apparently a world-wide one.
Amen. I have two grand daughters. I've been paying attention in the toy stores. "Science" themed toys have pictures of boys on them, or maybe a boy doing the activity and a girl watching. There are some "girl" versions of popular toys that encourage science and engineering skills - they are coloured pink and purple, feature flowers or kittens, and are dumbed down (ie fewer moving parts).
Hard to believe these attitudes are still so pervasive and insidious.