"When you run out of replenisher, you mix your second gallon kit:

1. Instead of mixing the 1/3 of stock with water, mix it with the old developer."

Thomas, I like your replenishment method for LPD. Have not noticed any improved tones, but it is a very convenient way to manage print developer. Please clarify the directions above for your second can of developer. I am close to using up the makeup solution from my first can. I have approximately 1 gallon (128 oz) of working solution. Do you add the 1/3 gallon (43 oz) of new stock solution to the 128 oz of working solution, or on a ratio of 1:2, 1 part stock solution to 2 parts old working solution? I may have more working solution left than typical because the bulk of my printing is with RC paper which does not absorb as much developer.
BTW, I sent a note to Ethol requesting their directions, but no reply. Also, could not find anything on the web.