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Amen. I have two grand daughters. I've been paying attention in the toy stores. "Science" themed toys have pictures of boys on them, or maybe a boy doing the activity and a girl watching. There are some "girl" versions of popular toys that encourage science and engineering skills - they are coloured pink and purple, feature flowers or kittens, and are dumbed down (ie fewer moving parts).
Hard to believe these attitudes are still so pervasive and insidious.
Yes! I have a 3 year old son and two nieces. Most of the "boy" toys need putting together or are designed for that to be the fun part (blocks, Legos, small motorized things) - very gadget oriented. The "girl" toys have flowers, fashion, pink, princesses and are already to use - no putting together. They came out with a Lego something aimed at girls and it's PINK. I do believe a girl complained about it being pink, too.
As a child, I played with my brother's Legos, climbed trees, and rode my bike all over town - I've never been a "girly girl". But I felt a fair amount of pressure from my female cousins and some classmates to want to play with Barbie dolls.

There's a lot of this issue that's really got more to do with nurture than nature - and I don't think many people realize that.