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Amen. I have two grand daughters. I've been paying attention in the toy stores. "Science" themed toys have pictures of boys on them, or maybe a boy doing the activity and a girl watching. There are some "girl" versions of popular toys that encourage science and engineering skills - they are coloured pink and purple, feature flowers or kittens, and are dumbed down (ie fewer moving parts).
Hard to believe these attitudes are still so pervasive and insidious.

I work in a cutting-edge high-tech science-and-technology environment and can assure you that depite those stereotypes the number of women in science and technology is quite large in number. And, believe me, none of them just got there on their good looks... they are just as hard working and competent as the men. If one looks at the scientist/engineer popualtion of my company by age it is clear that the older folks are mostly men. As the older folks retire and are replaced there is much greater gender and racial diversity. Sure, part of that is programmed by "selective HR practices" but in general anyone hired really has the skills to do the job. What really makes life hard is when folks count numbers of women, minorities, etc and talk about that instead of talking about skills, experience, and technology (as JBrunner pointed out earlier).