Kodak posted this for RA4 and C41 processing back about 5 years ago or more. It was first noted in "The Journal of Rotary Processing" by Jobo and taken up by Kodak. It seems that there is a nonuniformity problem with MF and LF films, and it was very bad with color paper. They may have withdrawn it for film when they lowered the pH of the Bleach III bath. IDK. I use it with paper, but not with film. I have had no problem.

It is not in any of the printed color dataguides. I just saw it on-line in the instructions for film and paper both under rotary processing.

Sorry that I cannot scan in an exact reference, I'll just say use what works. I do know that I get severe problems if I omit it from the paper process.

I did not write the books though, I just designed some of the early formulas.