I forgot to tell the story why I use 4x5...

When I was a young man, out of my second job after school, I stopped in a camera store and saw an Omega DII and Kodak easel. I traded in a Minolta X-370 (that I'd only bought to help out an acquaintance who was short on cash), put some money down and put the rest on layaway. Went back and got it and that enlarger and easel are still working for me today.

Classic example of cart in front of horse, now I had the means to make enlargements from 4x5. My first foray into LF did not hook me in immediately. So I went back to 35mm for the next maybe ten years. I could do a lot with Panatomic-X, Kodachrome and later Velvia. But mostly I loved the black and white.

Somewhere along the way the world changed around me and now I was in high-res online image viewing technology. I spent my working days helping people look at 300MB graphic arts plate files over the Internet. I wanted to make some demo files. Sure it was fun looking at my 16MB scanned 35mm slides with the technology, but I wasn't really impressed with 35mm anymore.

The same time, in our hallway, I had a couple prints up. One from 35mm of the Brooks Range in Alaska, another from 4x5 of Dinkey Creek. Seeing those prints side-by-side every day, cemented my desire to shoot 4x5.

So for my 50th birthday, my wife told me I could buy any camera I wanted in the world. I researched here and there, narrowed down my choices and decided on the 4x5 that was to be the last camera I ever bought... (It wasn't but it was supposed to be).