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You all need to go out and make images, use that equipment !
Did it! Got a late start (yacking here in the morning, then stopped by the darkroom to start the prep for pouring some carbon tissue tonight), but did get out and make two exposures of one image (4x10). First one at f64 for 30 minutes and the other at F45 for a hour. Wandered around during the exposures, laid down for a while on the forest floor listening to the rain (not much coming down to the ground) with the sound of the creek and the ocean in the far background.

Light was flucuating a little. I was going to do make another image -- full frame 8x10, but as it was already 4:30 when I finished the last one, the light would have died before I got enough light on the film. I'll develop the film tonight (got a couple sheets of 8x10 of my boys at the beach a couple days ago to do, too). Then I need to decide if I want to try to print tonight also -- but might just save that for tomorrow.

One of the reasons I quit the US Forest Service was because advancement possibilities dropped considerably due to court-ordered (well-deserved, too) preference toward women. Thank the goddess for that! I loved being out in the wilderness building trails, etc, but was not looking forward to moving more into office work.