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When you enlarge 35mm using a Sivoneg carrier, do you slide the two posts down as pictured in the photo?

Anyone have glass inserts they wish to sell or trade?

i wish i had an extra set to trade
i bought a set because the original pair had a bit scratch that somehow
appeared overnight ,,, it was really weird .. THEN the only place that was a durst dealer in boston
was EP LEVINES .. so i ordered the new glass ... it cost me a king's ransom .. i was not bright at the time
and when i was rushed out of the store upon closing, before inspecting the glass, i put the 2 cardboard cases in my pocket and drove home ..
when i arrived in-studio the store was closed, and i saw the glass was chipped so i called, left a message and arrived the next day as soon as they opened.

the ANNOYING salesperson, who thought his long hair, good looks and snarky attitude would land him a film role
insisted i broke the glass and gave me a hard time until i asked for the manager ... ( DOH! )
a few days later i was called, and i inspected the glass upon arrival and installed them when i returned to my studio .. have been using them ever since ..

i wish i bought a second pair cause i can only imagine how much they cost now ! almost 20years later ... !