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Are you sure, John?

Because the logical extension of your answer would be to take the position that any artist who feels the need for greater levels of technical perfection in the use of his chosen medium (in order to more clearly express his vision in whatever medium that might be) cannot, by definition, create a work of art.

hi ken

i can only speak from personal experience, and seeing works of art made by elementary school children.
often times it is not having any clue about what is right and wrong, what is good technique and bad which leads to great art.

i think it was picasso who said that his main gist was to create art like a child.

for me at least ... the only thing gotten from a technically perfect photograph, is a technically perfect photograph, and i find that to be a bore ... just a "document"
"art" happens when there is human touch, mistakes and imperfection ( like wabi sabi ) otherwise a robot can make art, and elephants couldn't ...

i could be wrong ...