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These instructions on process cycle and capacity are still in the Kodak manuals for color processing.

The only change that I saw is the change to suggest a 1 - 2% stop bath after the color developer. This was for RA4 and C-41 when the bix/bleach respectively were at about pH 6.5 and were deep red. In the years intervening, Kodak released a low pH bleach for C41 that probably could replace a stop. I can find NO reference to support my comment and therefore it is irrelevant. However, I have found many many references to a stop in RA4.

In fact, I was recalled from a Christmas vacation to work on the then Ektaprint 2 and 3 stop bath! Ok, so I know whereof I speak. There were nonuniform results from processes with the RED bleach / blix that caused problems in C41 and Ektapint 3 / RA4. It is STILL a problem in RA4 and so a Stop is needed but it is a "maybe" in C41. Therefore I say "if it works, use" it in terms of process cycle.

Sorry for any confusion caused by my posts, but ere is what I have found after a search of 20+ years of Kodak pubs. Whatta way to spend a Sunday evening!

Thanks Ron!

Do you have the capacity for 120?