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If that's how you work, I can't sit here and tell you you're wrong. However, my approach is that I have four backs for my RZ and keep each loaded with a different type of film. And if I don't finish a roll, it can sit there happily until I need that film type in another week or four, at which point it'll be finished off and I don't waste any. I can put up with waiting to get my images, in fact I often have a little backlog of 5 to 15 rolls before I fire up the Jobo.
I've got 3 backs for my RB, essentially bought for the same reason as you state and to avoid having to reload at inopportune times. 4 Nikon bodies allow the same in 35mm.

Kept coming to the weekend though, wanting to print from the 2 or 5 or whatever number of shots I grabbed as I went through the work week.

The problem compounds itself when I shoot those "5" shots on 3 types of roll film.

I've tried upping the shot volume too; more shots of the same subject, more subjects even if they weren't all that exciting to me. That hasn't gotten me any more keepers though, typically just more stuff to wade through.

Don't get me wrong, roll film cameras have there place in my life, but sheet film is darn handy for low volume work.