You are right, you might not get much traffic in the sub-forums. I clicked on yours only because I'm Canadian.
The best place on this site to share photos, get feedback, and be inspired by what everyone else is doing, is in the gallery. I usually look to see what's new in the gallery before coming to the forums. Absolutely, definitely worth the paltry amount of money Sean asks for a subscription.

I've got a Yashica TLR. Even though it is quiet, it is not inconspicuous. A Nikon looks sorta similar to a DSLR to the casual observer, but a TLR will get you lots of looks, comments, questions. I'll predict right now that the first time you are out in public with it you will hear "my dad/aunt/neighbour had a camera just like that" and "can you still get film for it?"

I quite like the Canada Day shot. Looking forward to lying on the grass in the sun half a year from now.