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Thats interesting....I always thought LF was much more expensive in terms of cost per image, etc. Also aren't enlargers that can handle LF expensive or are enlargers not even used?
I found an old Elwood 5x7 that needed some work for $100ish as I remember. Probably have $200 in it total. It is almost a piece of art itself. Gets the job done, I'm sure a more modern one would be easier to use but I'm in no rush to upgrade.

If you are up to a road trip freebies pop up now and again, on the large format forum or here. A WTB ad would probably drag one out reasonable.

There are some on EBay right now that are reasonably priced too.

Of course with 8x10 and larger cameras contact prints become a real option, a light bulb hanging on a wire in a closet becomes a practical darkroom setup.