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Slide duplicating film is/was used to make duplicate slides ("dupes") from original slides.

Think salespeople being sent out on the road with a slide presentation to be shown to prospective customers.

The original slides stay at the home office, while each of the various reps have their own set of dupes.

The slides that used to be sold at souvenir shops were probably dupes as well.

The duplicating film is/was inherently low in contrast, in order to minimize contrast build-up.
Gotcha, of course those were still slides, so they still can't be printed any longer with all the paper gone :/

It's kind of sad, by the time I actually have a house and room for a darkroom, and learn B&W printing with a real enlarger instead of a scanner, and understand all that, there may not even be any color paper left at all... heck there may not be any B&W paper... it's about ... I guess... 5 years down the road...