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You should have bought an eBay ir filter from china. Just a few dollars isn't a big deal if you end up not liking it. I have one and it works for those few times I do shoot ir. I guess if you are really committing to it $200 bucks may be worth it but that's a steep curve to jump onto just starting out.
For the kind of timeframe I have, eBay wouldn't work, and I've bought a filter or two from there, always dissatisfied, the Hoya I bought as I mentioned earlier came from eBay and then I went to shoot with it and any moisture had this weird bubling effect as if the surface had water bubbles underneath like when paint bubbles, and it left my images with distortion, but the B+W filter I had on the same day, and that didn't do that, so that's when I decided no eBay and no Hoya, It's well worth the extra money if you take into account the cost of the flight to the Grand Canyon and hotel, permit, time, energy, to come home to bad shots, thats more costly. I'm LESS penny wise, pound foolish than I used to be...LESS... hehe