Thanks for the comments, guys.

Ok, good to know re:galleries. I'll keep that in mind if I want to post any more photos. I also should've clarified, my original post is a tad unclear. I have a Yashica-A TLR already (since November 2012), and now have a Konica Hexar AF on the way (should be here now in a day or two). I've gone out with the Yashica quite a few times already. I predict this thing to be a magnet when there's heaps more people out in the Spring/Summer. I get a lot of weird looks, a lot of congratulatory looks, a few come up to talk to me about it, which is a great opportunity to hear something interesting and get a shot or two out of it. You're right, it isn't invisible, but because it looks so peculiar to the onlooker, they have no idea generally what you're doing and how you're taking a photo (this isn't the case with people over 45, though). That being said, I do get noticed more often than I imagined I would have. The camera is very sharp and high quality (so much detail!), despite it being an "inferior" model to most, from the research I did prior to purchase.