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Any suggestions about how to go about cleaning out a Zone VI print washer? Or any washer. In the past I ran a bleach/water solution thru the cycle but I'd like to use something not so toxic. Maybe a vinegar and water solution that I run thru my coffee maker perhaps.
Is this washer a vertical slot unit made of transparent plastic ("perspex" I'm tempted to call it, but it could be something else. Is acrylic the same thing?)

I have a large version of such a washer, and to clean it I remove the dividers and wipe them down in the bath with a washcloth and ordinary dishwashing detergent. If the plastic retains its gloss, this should be adequate. Likewise, I use a very soft brush and detergent to clean the main body, rinsing well. I have found that some algae grow in it but is easily removed. Once the surface is abraded, everything will stick to it, not that there should be much in a print washer.

To prevent algae growth, I use a little liquid pool chlorine in the washer when I leave it full.

As Patrick has said, tailor the cleaning to what needs cleaning. Let us know what that is.