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In my experience, women like getting things done, men like thinking about getting things done - hence male dominated forums full of pontificating.
I agree with you. Somebody else would say that your statement is patronising toward men and shows a misandric attitude.

I would say that yours is an opinion and, as such, perfectly able to live in a forum (misandric or not). I see a lot of misandry in this forum and even in this thread, but I consider it a natural and legitimate way of expressing one's thought. I don't weight others' opinions on a moral or socially-acceptable scale. This is what pisses me off, the continuous fingerpointing of supposed-to-be unacceptable attitudes or opinions.

Furthermore, I agree with your quotation above word by word.
I did note, in my experience, that men tend to have a much more abstract and theoretical approach to things, while woman tend to do things more in a "hands-down" fashion.

Man, even when playing football, tend to be very interested in the different behaviour of different balls. Woman would tend not to give a pence, unless, that is, they are attending a course on football manufacturing.

I see a difference in men and woman mentality regarding a lot of things. I don't know up to which extent this difference is due to nature or nurture, but I see a difference. Raising a thread over this, as David did, is not patronising, or sexist, or misogynist, is just exchange of thoughts.