Dear DF

I think you missed a very important part of Gerald's post, where he refers to the negative being developed to the correct contrast. 'More development means more contrast' is usually referring to film development. Please slap me down if I am telling you something that you already know, but I am unaware of your knowledge of the darkroom. A fine print starts from a fine negative, which starts from doing some testing to develop a negative to suit the paper that you are using. Very rarely will a negative exposed at box speed, developed in your chosen developer, at the manufacturers recommended time, lead to a fine print with rich deep blacks and crisp clean whites.

As laborious as testing is, it might be worth going back to the beginning and do the leg work. There are many threads on APUG explaining how, though personally I would look up the posts of Thomas Bertilsson, as he has explained it here beautifully so many times.

As I say, forgive me if you have already done this, but it is good to put it out there for others.

Best, and good luck


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Make sure that your negatives are developed to the correct contrast index CI or β. You shouldn't need to tone your prints just to get more contrast.