FS Promaster 6500M flash for NIKON TTL. I used it on my Nikon N80 and on the N90s as well.

Full disclosure: The red IR lens just fell off one time for no reason. so a dab or rubber cement on a tooth pick was used to put a bead of glue on the lens mount and has worked find ever since. No issues. ( share this because no one especially me likes surprises, the fix effects nothing and you have to look for it to know it happened)

Good working condition

$ 35.00 CK or Money Order. Shipped CONUS Only
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Type Shoe Mount
Guide No. 113'
Angle of Coverage 28mm in 35mm format
Auto Distance Range 3-80-ft. (ASA 100)
TTL Dedication Yes
Bounce Head Yes
Swivel Head No
Off Camera Terminal No
Recycle Time 10 Seconds (based on fresh batteries & full power dump)
Power Source Four 1.5-volt "AA" alkaline batteries
Dimensions 3.2 x 6 x 1.95" WxHxD
Weight 9.8 oz without batteries