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Temperature has no effect on photographic IR film. The IR that constitutes hot/cold is way out of the range of photographic film.

I have seen IR shots of conifers in the snow, and it was really nifty to see white foliage with white snow. That was done with Kodak, though. Usually when I do it with a 092 filter and Efke or Ilford, the conifers will be a light grey. One time when I was underneath conifers, in the deep shade and the sunlight couldn't filter, the IR made things look like a white fairy land. You might want to look for settings like that. Remember to bracket N, +/-1, +/-2, and you should be good, especially for your first trip with it.
I hesitate to bracket +/- 2 as well as 1 because I'm shooting 120, that means only 2 images per roll!

Now this is a case for providing 220 that no one can argue "too much film" at lol

Hmm so, what about the sun, I've never seen an IR shot where the image was aimed at the sun...

Is this possible? Was thinking of shooting a shot where the sun is in the sky overlooking the canyon (something to do while I wait for golden hour).


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