Since no one is exposed to the entire population, I would imagine opinions expressed in this thread are based on the group of people he or she associates with currently or in the past. All I can say is, group of women I work with and have known are mostly highly logical and very well educated. In fact, when I had to ask a mathematical (calculus level) question, the first person I called was a woman. Just recently, I had a lengthy conversation about "pointers to pointers" in C (if you know IT, you know it's a confusing subject) with my colleague who is a woman.

Some of the opinions expressed in this thread are very toxic - not because the opinions contained in it but the way it is expressed is rude and condescending. I hope they don't talk like this in person. I would also like to mention, being PC (politically correct) and being considerate (or just maintaining decorum) when speaking is not the same thing.

This is probably the saddest thread I've seen in APUG for quite a while. With that, I'm out of this thread. Thanks.