SMC Pentax 67 Soft 1:3.5 120mm Lens.
Also for Pentax 6x7.
120mm f/3.5.

In excellent condition. Appears unused.
Dual Helicoid focuses very close and is as smooth as can be.
Glass is unblemished. No Fungus. No haze. Perfect in every respect.
Has triple focus marks. Focus and shoot at first mark for plane of sharpest focus. Move focus to second mark for plane of greatest contrast. Move focus to third mark for plane of greatest spherical aberration.
Designed to work well alone or with Pentax teleconverters.
Front and Rear Caps included.
I'm near Portland, Oregon and can meet partway if local.
$380. plus usps at cost or make a good offer.

120mm side.jpg 120mm front ring.jpg120mm back.jpg 120mm front glass.jpg120mm rear glass.jpg