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Stone, I use this film all the time and in every case, ISO 6 with an R72 has proven to be dead on. I have even used it with my iPhone app called Lightmeter which is essentially a spot meter and it looks great. I would not bracket the under side of ISO 6, there is no point. Unless you are ducking into thick cover, don't do three frame brackets, one at metered value and one at 1 stop over will be fine.

I soup my IR400 in HC-110 / B and it looks great. Xtol looks good too but you need to overdevelop it a bit as well as the Ilford SFX stuff. Also, the Rollie stuff does well with a couple minutes of tempered pre-wet as it seems to be prone to streaking, FYI.....
Thanks the notes! Yea not bracketing that much is better if possible so good to know.

And know anything about Ilfsol 3 or DD-X with that? I can purchase some HC-110 B if I need to of course but is that significantly better of a choice?


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