Like many others I made my entry into Large Format photography with a used Speed Graphic press camera, complete with the Kodak 127m Ektar "kit lens". Unfortunately, the supermatic shutter it came in was slow and, due to an accute lack of brain cells on my part, I'd figure I could fix this problem myself (around these parts a standard "CLA" would cost more than an entirely new lens from eBay). Needless to say, this shutter has seen it's final accutation.

Now despite having ruined such a fine old piece of machinery, I still have the actual lens, which is in a very nice condition. I thought I might get try to get a hold of a replacement shutter that will fit this lens, rather than getting a new lens entirely (hoping, obviously, to save some money). Unfortunately I am not quite sure what is available. Obviously the Kodak Supermatic shutter would work, but I am having some trouble finding one that doesn't already have a lens in it. What other options do I have?

And of course, a related question, is there a point to this venture, or am I completely misguided? Would I be better off just cutting my losses and getting a new 127mm Ektar, or shouldn't I bother with the lens at all, but rather recalibrate the camera (rangefinder and so on) to another focal length, such as my 165mm "normal" lens (allthough I think 127mm seems like a nice focal length for "press style" photos).