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hi jim

i don't understand this at all.

what if a photographer didn't want to be pinned down
and have to print the same old boring negative 500 or 200 or 100 or 20 times ?
when i was making single edition prints, it was because the idea of a singular image
really differentiates a photograph as a hand made object, unlike something that can be
obtained by pressing a button &c. i still believe this today ( 20+ years later ) ...
it always makes me laugh when i hear of someone with an edition of 500 images.

what's the point, to flood the marketplace with "loved images" ?
Well the ones I saw the 20/500 were selling for $20,000 each and would increase by increments of like $5,000 each time one sold... It was certainly not fair when I can't sell my favorite image for $375.... Lol


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