I'm pretty sure there's very little that *can* *be* done in one format and not another, except for things directly tied to the size of the image on film (you can't make an 8x10" contact print from a 35mm negative), but that doesn't mean different formats don't have different strengths. You *could* set up a 35mm camera with a very, very fine lens in a tilt-shift arrangement, use an extremely high-resolution film, and carefully calibrate the position of the film so that you could cut the frames apart in the dark and process them all individually with different development. You could...but you wouldn't, because it would be a ridiculous mismatch between the tool and the job.

I solarize negatives occasionally and I contact print, so LF has obvious attractions. For me, the movements aren't a huge deal most of the time, but when you need them you need them, and obviously for many LF shooters they're a critical working tool.