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I disagree. I've editioned 20x24's for art festivals and galleries. Sure, it's a marketing ploy, but it works. Smaller sizes are open ended, and the LE's are much more expensive, but people will pay for the perceived exclusivity. My mistake, starting out, was editions of 100. I wish I had chosen 25. Still, I probably have close to 10 images which are near (or over) the 50/100 mark.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with numbering prints, as long as you're honest about your edition numbering. In a gallery, or art festival, it allows you to hit price points which can compete with other media.
Well you can always make 10 to start with but bit sell 1/25 but instead start with 10/25 or 8/25 so the perception changes, you aren't cheating exactly haha


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