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Limited editions are a pretentious and superficial old marketing ploy that never really worked. Let the market decide how many you sell. If you only sell one it is more valuable as a single work of art than if you sell a thousand.

hi clive

i have never made single prints to be superficial, a marketing ploy, or as a gimmick
and i continue to make them.

when i started to make these images, i stuffed the things in and under the enlarger and when i got a good image
i removed the stuff and made something else.
just to give an example, i have a series of images i made from a sheet of glass with liquid wax ( and other things ) on and in it.
when the wax hardened to something solid that light couldn't pass through, it was done.

there is no way i could replicate the images i got, or other hybrid prints i have made ...
i guess i could make a paper negative ? or a camera negative ( or scans )
and machine printed off 10 or 20 or ? prints of the same image .. but i don't really see the point ...
and the people who have the images i have made have been happy to have something in their collection ( or on their wall )
that no one else has, or can replicate ....

i can understand why photographers don't like that idea or one image, after all, a negative ( or skkan ) allows a photograph to be made an infinite number of times ... this strength is photography's greatest weakness.