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I have no experience with Ilfosol or DDX but HC-110 is nearly as economical as Rodinal in that you mix only what you need each run. So for example, in dillution B it is 1+31 or 16ml of concentrate per 484ml of water to come up with the 500ml for a roll of 120, about .40 cents.

I find IR-400 in HC-110 to be a bit tamer in grain and contrast compared to Rodinal 1+50 but still punchy enough for striking IR effect at grade 2 and for a scan that you simply have to set black and maybe do a touch of highlight burn.

And I know some people complain about the syrupy nature of HC-110 but I simply overcome that by pouring the majority of the measured concentrate out of my small 50ml graduate into my larger 1L dedicated developer graduate first. I then have the tempered and measured amount of water in another 1L container and I just keep pouring it into the small 50ml graduate that the concentrate was in and then pour that into the developer graduate until I have gone through all the measured water. It pretty much rinses all the HC-110 into the mix by the time I have ran all the water into it, no waste, no want....

Even though I have plenty of stock of developers like D76, 1D-II and Rodinal, I have pretty much standardized with Xtol and HC-110 which work great for both tank and reel and rotary processing...
Gotcha, thanks ill give it a try.


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