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Yep--Nikkormat. Good as it gets or needs to be.
Unless you don't like the shutter speed and ASA selectors, or its ergonomics, or moving the coupling pin and setting the lens to 5.6 before mounting, (with "the twist", of course). Or you want a brighter finder, interchangeable focusing screens, or prefer something smaller, or lighter, or quieter. Or a silicon cell meter. Or...

They are beautifully made, solid and durable, but I much preferred several other cameras over the Nikkormats. Nikkormats are excellent for teaching the fundamentals, with nothing extra (except meter), and nothing missing (MLU, DoF preview). So I agree it's as good as it needs to be, but not that it's as good as it gets.
I love the F2, especially with the plain prism, so if I'm going to have the size and weight, it's the F2 for me.