hi ken

i think a lot of it has to do with taste.
some folks like looking at perfect .. picture perfect photographs.
like f64 stuff.
large negative ( maybe ) perfect grainless negative, perfectly executed film then printed
tho show an uber level of technical perfection.
THAT is what they think photography is all about.
show the same person something that was made on the other side of the street
or something created by someone who picked up a camera for the first time
whose photograph was taken with a disposable 35mm p/s camera, and processed
by somebody at a mini lab or drug store ... and they will think it is crap,
even though the subject and image and everything about it is beautiful, or is a documentary image
from their life &c ...
and show someone who likes the gritty ( maybe ) from the disposable camera the perfect contact print
and they will pass it by as a calendar photo.

i agree with eddie too, that in the end it takes knowing the medium and how to use it, more than just winging it