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I don't understand the knock on Dektol. It yields great results and is very inexpensive. I mix a gallon of stock solution and then dilute per instructions 1:2 when ready to use (12 oz stock to 24 oz water). Often I re-use the diluted solution over two or three printing sessions, say 30 to 40 8 x 10's total within 5 days. Then it gets tossed. I do not see any degradation in performance
My experience is that you risk losing tonality if you save Dektol over a period of several days. Here is what Richard Henry had to say about aging Dektol. " A working solution of 1+1 will gradually lose potency but, up to 6 days, compensation can be made by increasing development time, with the exception that maximum blacks fall off somewhat after the second or third day." I prefer to keep everything consistent and therefore print with fresh developer.

I also noticed with 130 bromide buildup can quickly change consistency and eventually produces the 130 glow/stain.