Here are a few brief comments from me on the prints received. Overall I think it was another excellent batch and I was pleased to see some colour prints included. I don't plan to comment on every print received, please don't be offended if I don't mention your print - it doesn't mean I don't like it, or it had no impact on me - just means I don't have anything useful or relevant to say about it.
Andrew k - Jorja in the yellow field - this is my favourite from the exchange. I love the light, the colour contrast of the yellow against the pale blue sky, her enigmatic pose as well as the softness and vignetting of the lens.

Polyglot - I like both of yours, and bravo on doing colour printing at home. I've always used machines where you put the paper in one end and the print comes out the other 5 minutes later. Unfortunately I no longer have access to anything like this (all closed) and the home route looks daunting, which has lead to me shooting more B&W film these days. The colour in your print is superb - nothing looks as good as a traditional colour print when it is done properly.

walbergb - this print has worked out well. I was interested to see that you process Tri-X (Arista Premium 400) exactly the same as I do - Rodinal 1+50 for 13 minutes. It's a nice image with good light and use of space, but I think it's the careful printing and toning technique that really brings the image to life. I'm planning to do some split printing in the near future and I will be referring to your toning notes then.

munz - I have been doing some interiors on 4x5 recently so that gives me a particular interest in your photo. I think you have handled it really well in regards to camera placement, depth of field and shadow exposure. I know a guy who has a Wista 45DX and he said he would let me borrow it for awhile - I need to upgrade from my Crown Graphic to have more control over vertical framing.

nige - I like the photo and the idea behind the printing, but it doesn't quite work for me as it is. If it was my photo i would think about some toning (see the walbergb print); use a warm paper; or perhaps try it as a lith print. I think it's because it seems like a dreamy, romantic image but the current print is quite hard and cold.