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I know, but the art world is loaded with stories of scams...
Regardless of your endeavor (be it photography, or anything else), you have to look in the mirror. All you really have is your integrity. I've had people collecting my work for 20 years. Every year, or two, they buy something. Some own 2 dozen images. They keep buying because they know I won't scam them.
That's great, so what if you were to hang your work at 10 galleries and you gave each gallery 10 of the same pieces (let's say you were starting out, not much money so you could only make 10 of the same to save at framing/matte/print but wanted to get your name out there and had the opportunity to hang free in all the galleries) would you give each gallery one 1/10 one 2/10 etc etc 10/10 or would you give the first gallery all the 1/10's the second all the 2/10's etc.

Which scenario would you choose and do either strike you as a scam?


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