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i guess one person's not grainy enough is another person's " holy crap " ..
i have a feeling there is a whole concert in play here,
lighting, film, chemistry + print ... its beautiful when everything works together

i guess clerc or henry didn't know what 2013 grainy meant !

It is beautiful when it comes together - and I just KNOW that exaggerated grain has been an important style for artists before.

I am sure they worked hard to get that look too. But I wonder if anyone used sensitometry (like the Zone System) to deliberately get the "worst" possible results - or if they used to just get lucky (or maybe they worked from the seat of their pants).

p.s. I have done grainy before... just by enlarging. The eclipse shot has two different textures. It's a macro shot of a projected image, so behind the sun you see the texture of the paper. But at top and bottom where it's out of focus, all you see is pure grain - Panatomic-X in D-76 1:1 blown up 24x.