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It's a highly unlikely scenario to be in 10 galleries at one time. However, I'll play along... If the edition was 10, each gallery would get 1 of that image. 1/10, 2/10, etc. If your talking about hanging 10 different images, it may make sense to give each gallery the same edition number, mostly because it would be easier to keep track. That's not a scam. A scam would be to claim the edition was 10, but making 20 (having 2 number 1's, etc.). A scam would be to claim an edition is 10, but falsely claiming that numbers 1-6 have been sold when, in fact, they never existed.
Thanks for playing along, the second scenario "ten different images" was what I was referring to.

I wouldn't claim that they were sold for sure, but knowing gallery owners who are all about profit to keep the money flowing,they would have that opportunity but I'm sure you vet them.

I guess I'm done with scenarios, you're a stand up guy.

I'll be as honest as I can with gallery owners, trying to convince them that Kodachrome can't be processed by a home lab is hard sometimes, the newer ones don't understand and don't believe me...


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