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Lesson One - Dont store negatives near water.
Lesson Two - Scan them - at least you have something
Don't tell the digital people that we lost some negatives, we spend a lot of time telling them how easy it is to lose a digital file, and in reality its just as easy to lose negatives.
I've been able to salvage the negatives, not so sure if the computer would have survived the drenching!! And yes, I kinda knew it was risky to keep a pile of negatives in the basement darkroom. Most are in a closet upstairs, and fortunately, none of the ones I truly value were down there!! Phew!! I'll take my chances with negatives, I still think they are harder to destroy than a computer. And honestly, I"d never have the patience to make high res scans every single negative I make, that'd be a huge bother.