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I've been able to salvage the negatives, not so sure if the computer would have survived the drenching!! And yes, I kinda knew it was risky to keep a pile of negatives in the basement darkroom. Most are in a closet upstairs, and fortunately, none of the ones I truly value were down there!! Phew!! I'll take my chances with negatives, I still think they are harder to destroy than a computer. And honestly, I"d never have the patience to make high res scans every single negative I make, that'd be a huge bother.
Glad to hear you revcovered your negatives.

I jsut had a friend ask me to help him recover negatives from Sandy's flooding. He lost the house!

His computer is in the ocean somewhere but boxes of negative in his front yard under the house debre are still in tact. although soaked in salt water n mud for a week as we waited for FEMA.

I put all the negatives, glassines n all, in a tub of clean water. we soaked em good, changing the water as often as we can for a few days n removed as much of the mud n sleeves as we could.

After soaking n changing baths, carefuly cleaned each strip with bottled water and photoflo. Allow em to dry.... as good as almost new, they all survived!

Computer scans are sleeping with the fish!