Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not the sharpest pencil in the box. Actually I wouldn't be the first to admit that , my wife would and I'd just second it. But from what I have just noticed is that there are many, so called, dull pencils out there right along with me.
I love film photography, but since my last name isn't Romney or Rockefeller I have to cut corners where I can to continue to do what I enjoy. So, I was over on the "BIG" auction site and thought I'd check into maybe buying some 120 B&W film cheap. Mainly for camera testing and just playing around. I couldn't believe the prices some people are paying for film there! They are paying as much for expired film as I buy new film for from Adorama, B&H or even Freestyle. What's wrong with these people? Haven't they ever heard of these places? Why would you gamble on a horse you've never seen race for one you know has been standing in the winners circle before. Needless to say I closed it down and went to Freestyle and bought a couple of bricks of Arista EDU 100 (Foma 100) and then went to Adorama and bought a brick of Acros. I would have bought it all from Freestyle, but I really don't like their price hike on Acros and was launching my own form of protest buy giving Adorama my Acros business. Besides, I come from farm country and the old saying is, "Money is like manure! It doesn't do any good unless you spread it around." I might check into buying some Chinese Shanghai film, but don't know much about its consistency. I did use some Chinese film called ERA, in 4x5, and really liked that, but I don't think this Shanghai film is the same. I guess I'll just keep trying to buy the best I can for the least money until I have my own film making/coating machine. JohnW