[(I think I saw a link somewhere here to someone who was selling empty 120 spools with a starting price of $9.95 or something like that).
Just be grateful that you are not one of them.[/QUOTE]

Yup, I'm smarter than that! If I need empty 120 film spools I'll just buy new film for less money a roll, strip the film/backin paper off and throw it away. Ha! Ha! Sounds like the Epson printer fiasco a few years back. The replacement ink was so expensive for one of their new printers that when people ran out of ink they were actually buying a new printer cheaper, stripping the ink cartridge's out that came with it and then selling the printer "as new" without the ink on the "BIG" auction. I remember seeing tons of those printers for sale there. Fact is I almost bought one until I used the Internet to research that model Epson. Thank God for the Net. JohnW