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I'm like you John, I am truely amazed at how insane it is to spend as much as some folks think their expired film is worth. If you are interrested, I shoot alot of Shanghai GP-3 120 format, love the stuff. I would let some go for a reasonable price. It is a tad curly, but I dont have any problem with that, I love the "old school" look it gives.
Well, if it's a film that's guaranteed/warranted and an emulsion you can't find, but desperately want? Yes, I might pay a little more, but the only film I truly miss is the old Kodak VerichromePan and I'm really getting by just fine without it to be very truthful. Do you have any experience with Foma 100 or 200 films? Is the Shanghai GP-3 anything like Foma 100? I really don't like curl, but I use glass carriers in my enlarger and Nikon scanner so I can make do. JohnW