Anthony Guidice, who was the person who originally brought the FA-1027 developer to the market, claimed he had a chemist that made the developer specifically for 'Fine Art Photo Supply' (as the business was called before Photographers' Formulary bought the business).
It's a good developer and the results remind me a lot of Ilfotec DD-X with lots of shadow detail and nice highlight contrast without sacrificing any mid-tone tonality and local contrast to get there. Why don't you try it for yourself and do a proper film test (which you ought to do anyway). First part of a film test is to establish effective film speed, which is exposure based and developing time doesn't actually affect very much. Once you have determined film speed with heavily bracketed exposures, you establish film developing time by adjusting until you have a negative contrast that suits your work flow. Nobody else can tell you what that developing time is going to be, but it will be the very best foundation for your future printing.