It's funny you mention that. I got a lot of old developers recently and thought I had some 54-D, but only found 53-D and 55-D.

I don't expect miracles with this paper, just hoping to make if a bit more palatable for work print use. I've printed some more with the Zone VI developer I mixed up, and it really does make a noticeable difference. A may try a dash of benzotriazole with that too. I would just be the Zone VI developer if it were available, but it is gone and it is unclear exactly what it was. I'm leaning toward the D-73 idea since the other most likely suggestion (from someone who should know) was that it was really just D72. The stuff I have used is clearly not that.

I think your comment that Polycontrast Rapid changed often explains part some of my issue. This really seems significantly different (by nature, not aging) than the stuff I bought from Mr. Photo. I suspect this current batch is a bit older. I may try to figure that out from the boxes.

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I agree that D-72 did not produce the greatest results with Polycontrast Rapid. D-73 is a contact paper developer, quite similar to my favorite, Defender 54-D. 54-D did produce notably better results on this paper, but maybe not as good as desired. Note, however, that Polycontrast Rapid changed often and considerably over the life of that product name. The last versions were really pretty good.

Kodak D-73 cold tone developer for contact papers
Water (52C) 500 ml
Metol 2.8 g
Sodium sulfite 40 g
Hydroquinone 10.8 g
Sodium carbonate 75 g
Potassium bromide 800 mg
WTM 1 l
Dilute 1:2 for use. Develop 45 seconds at 21 C.