Hello everybody

I am considering bulk loading because I am becoming curious about Eastman 5222 and was wondering if there are any loaders which accept bigger than 100foot rolls? When ordering from Kodak the 5222 comes in 400foot rolls (or 1000foot though that's pretty massive).

A related question - are there any changing bags/changing tents that can be used? For instance I have seen the Calumet changing tent but is the opening (which I guess is the half-moon shaped thing above the sleeves) wide enough to put a roll and loader in it?

If there are no bulk loaders that accept 400foot rolls I guess on should have to devise a way to roll from the can - is that possible? Any suggestions about how to do this?

Unfortunately I don't have a light-proof room/closet or a real darkroom so I need to figure out a different way to do this.

Cheers and thanks in advance