I just don't agree with PayPal's Terms Of Service agreement.

PayPal seems to do a great job protecting the buyer.

Seller protection is almost non-existant, PayPal inadvertantly supports scammer buyers, Not that you folks are scammers! I just find myself better off not having a PayPal account anymore.

Credit card acceptance is risky enough without the heavy handed tactics of PayPal to make it worse.

I do use Google Checkout and ProPay.com for credit card transactions these outfits make a much better effort to protect the seller.

Google Checkout is easy to use like the Pal', an emailed invoice for the agreed price is just emailed to the buyer, nothing much to it.

I often receive emails from some folks in Asia that live in one country and want it delivered in another country where their "Friend" lives, and......want to pay with the Pal' Now doesn't that sound like a successful "Chargeback" in the making? ANY credit card transaction like this no matter who is the credit card processor will most likely result in a successful "Chargeback"

I have studied credit card processing extensively and have come up with my own very strict guidelines on making safe transactions a priority, Credit card transactions no matter who is the card processor are just plain risky hence I do what I can to minimize the risks.

I am sure Mr. Stone is a good honest member and if I did indeed have a PayPal account he would be most welcome to purchase using that service.

I accept payments by means of Google Checkout if you like Mr.Stone.

Anyway.....I still have the two 210mm lenses for sale.....